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Bet you never had cupkies in your life!

Yes, cupkies! Never heard of ’em before?

They’re cup cookies! Cupkies! Get it?


Cupkies are made of cookie dough molded in 3 oz cup liners and are topped with nutella and any favorite random chocolate cravings – like kitkat, m&m’s, kisses, snickers, and even marshmallows!


Fresh batches! 👌🏼

Crave in for more toppings! 😋

Trick or treat yourself with these Halloween cupkies! 👻

Be more festive with these Holiday cupkies! 🎄

The idea came from wanting to add more to the already loved chocolate chip cookies, and instead of mixing more ingredients to the cookie batter, I thought of making the flat (or regular) shaped cookies into cup sizes. Hence, the cup cookies aka CUPKIES were made! Then all-sorts of toppings can be added to the cupkies to really satisfy that cravings!



Now life gets a little bit more sweeter…

  🍪 🍪 🍪 🎁 🍪 🍪 🍪

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